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InVictor #01 Combo (Digital + Printed)

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Awaken your imagination with the most sensual book you will find.

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How many times have you wished for freedom?

How many times have you wanted to seek new horizons, meet new people, venture into new challenges, and have not had the courage?

This book is for people who know how to venture out, appreciate a true work of art, and value the power of imagination that is created through photography.

What Will I Find?
  • Incredible Moments - If you are daring, this book was made with you in mind, who allows himself to discover new adventures and who knows how to have moments of pleasure with himself.
  • International Photographers - I know that you are not like anyone and that you know how to appreciate a beautiful work of art, but one thing will surprise you.
  • Uncensored - The book shows the fully naked male form, front, and back.

The complete combo to enjoy the true experience that InVictor #01 can provide. A printed version for touching, caressing, flipping through, and feel it with your fingertips, and a digital version to keep you company in moments that call for discretion or for that unpretentious peek in the middle of the day.

Title: InVictor #01
Author: Victor DalCol
Language: English and Portuguese
Number of Pages: 132
Format: Digital and Printed
Year of Publication: 2021

*Content for people over 18 years old.