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InVictor #01 + #02 (Digital)

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Awaken your imagination with the most sensual books you will find.

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Even more free, provocative, exclusive, and sensual.

How many times have you wished for freedom?

How many times have you wanted to seek new horizons, meet new people, venture into new challenges, and have not had the courage?

These books are for people who know how to venture out, appreciate a true work of art, and value the power of imagination that is created through photography.


These books are dedicated to a man notably capable of deflating his imagination while satisfying his most secret desires, a man who knows how to adventure himself. He allows himself to be surprised at every turn of the page while contemplating the most delicious expressions of art through photography. 


The comprehension of a piece of art is only possible through a good appreciator, with artistic sensibility and the ability to understand the privilege of being part of this select group.


Twenty years from now, you are more likely to regret everything you WOULD NOT DO than the experiences you will have lived... How many times have you wished for freedom? For how long have you lacked the courage to seek new horizons, meet new people, and try new adventures? Do not be like this. 


This format is for those who are keen on enjoying their copy as soon as possible. Or to the more discreet ones craving this artwork to savor it anywhere without anyone noticing.


Feelings, desire, and expression. All of me in the form of art gathered in a book made to awaken your innermost like your desires, surprise, and electrify


Title: InVictor #01

Author: Victor DalCol

Language: English and Portuguese

Number of Pages: 132

Format: Digital

Year of Publication: 2021

Title: InVictor #02

Author: Victor DalCol

Languages: Portuguese and English

Number of Pages: 156

Format: Digital

Publishing Year: 2021

*Content for people over 18 years old.